• Thorough understanding of game development process, from design methodology to artistic creation and production.
  • Over 15 years of experience in games, film and animation.
  • Strong knowledge of 2D and 3D software packages including Unity, Unreal, Maya, 3ds Max and Photoshop.
  • Experience mentoring junior artists and leading strike teams within the larger team structure.
  • Strong cross-discipline collaboration skills.
  • Substantial involvement building teams through interview and review process.
  • Experience working with outsourcing companies; communication, planning, tracking and feedback.




Final Fantasy; The Spirits Within | The Final Flight of the Osiris | RTX; Red Rock | Republic Commando(Pre-production) | The Lord of the Rings; The Return of the King | The Godfather; The Game | Indiana Jones Video Game 2008(Unreleased) | Ape Escape(Pilot TV series) | Bioshock 2 | The Bureau; Xcom Declassified | Bioshock 3 DLC (Pre-production) | Blackbird




Senior Environment Artist - Contractor

Gree International, San Francisco, CA


-Developed the process for creating terrain meshes using Unity, Maya and Photoshop.

-Collaborated with tech art department to develop visual solutions within the limited framework of mobile platforms.

-Provided documentation for new asset creation workflow.  Instructed other artists in the process.


Senior Level Architect

2K Marin, Novato, CA


-Produced game levels using the Unreal Editor for Bioshock 2, Xcom and Bioshock Infinite DLC.

-Collaborated with other departments to develop products from pre-production to shipping. This included input and feedback on story, art and game play elements.

-Worked closely with the Design Department to meet the needs of game play as well as established the visual appearance of the environments.

-Participated on evaluation team sent to Boston to establish viability of the Bioshock DLC project.

-Worked with the Modeling Department to concept, proto-type and deliver individual assets specific for level needs.

-Helped to develop cloth modeling and shader techniques for Bioshock 2, as well as modular assets for all titles.

-Presented “level pitches” to the team that included paper maps, game play elements and narrative beats that met the needs of the main IP.

-Participated in brainstorming session targeted at developing new products for the studio.


Contract Artist and Animator

Hawaii Film Partners, Honolulu, HI


-Provided 2D and 3D art, design, layout and animation services to Hawaii Film Partners.

-Created scene layout and character animation for 32 episode pilot series “Ape Escape” in partnership with Frederator Studios.

-Produced all deliverables under tight deadlines and quickly responded to feedback from all stakeholders.

-Adapted to unfamiliar software and art pipeline.


Senior Artist

Lucas Arts Entertainment, San Francisco, CA


-3D modeling, texturing, lighting and design for “Indiana Jones” 2008 game.

-Assisted with prototyping and tools development.

-Mentored junior artists in tools and asset/level creation techniques.


Senior Artist

Electronic Arts, Redwood City, CA


-Collaborated with other departments to develop products from pre-production to shipping.

-Lead the Environment Workgroup during pre-production on “The Godfather” game title

-Produced game levels, environment assets and textures on “The Godfather” game title.

-3D modeling and texturing for “The Lord of the Rings; The Return of the King” game title.

-Led a small “strike team” that produced a last minute additional game level called Osgiliath from concept to completion.


Environment Artist

Lucas Arts Entertainment, San Rafael, CA


-General 3D modeling, texturing and level layout for “RTX; Red Rock” game title.

-Produced paper map and pre-production level concepts for “Republic Commando” game title.

-Adapted to new software and art production pipeline.


Intern Architect, 3D Specialist

AM Partners, Honolulu, HI


-Produced design and construction documents using AutoCAD.

-Worked on a variety of projects and teams under tight deadlines.

-Operated as the 3D rendering specialist for the entire studio providing conceptual visualization of a number of projects for internal and external customers.

-Participated on a team sent to Atsugi, Japan to perform a housing survey for the US Navy.

-Developed creative reuse strategies to reduce office waste.


3D Modeler/Texture Artist/Designer

Square USA, Honolulu, HI


-Produced 3D modeling and compositing for feature CG film “Final Fantasy; The Spirits Within”.

-Produced 3D modeling, texturing, and design for feature CG film short “The Final Flight of the Osiris” for the “Animatrix” DVD.

-Created set and design documents using AutoCAD.

-Learned all new 3D software and production techniques.




Bachelor of Architecture, 1996

Philadelphia University, Philadelphia, PA

Bachelor of Science, 1994

Philadelphia University, Philadelphia, PA


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